Have new particles below old ones?

Hello, I am toying a bit with the particle emitter.
Does anyone know if it possible (through JS or anything else), to have new particles appear below old ones ?
Thanks !

You title says new below old but your post says new below new. Can you go into more details? What type of look are you going for? What would the particles represent?

Ah right, I have corrected my post.
I’d like for example to smoke from above, where the new particle of smoke are hidden by the old ones. the effect is something pushing old particles from below.

This video is an illustration of the effect I am trying to reproduce : https://youtu.be/232LFz-aiz4?si=qZnyyTRLosnWcWpa

That’s beyond my knowledge. But the extra info might help others. I wish you luck and hope your goal isn’t too much for gdevelop to process.