Having a hard time with timers

I’m tryna get this timer to work, it just won’t, anyone has any idea what i’m doing wrong?

Also, sorry if this isn’t the right board, just joined :slight_smile:

Please be more precise. What goal are you trying to achieve and what is your exact problem? Just telling it doesn’t work cannot give us an idea of what may be wrong :wink:

After the players tap the “summon” button, a timer of 1.5 seconds should start, then after 1.5 seconds it should show what was summoned. I just need a pause of 1.5 seconds before continuing, atm if I remove the timer everything runs but after adding the timer the sub events never run.

With your summon variable being between 1 and 100 there is 3/100 chances something happens.

Oh yeah ahah might look like it but below are more sub events, the 100% is filled

Oh I didn’t originally see but now I do. You made them subevents. So the conditions are checked only just after it got resetted. Make them regular events.

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I just almost had a heart attack oml…

I think it worked thanks, just gotta find a way to make it stop.

Add trigger once to each subevent

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It still loops but every 1.5 seconds instead even though I added a “delete timer” at the end of each’’ sub’'events and a trigger once

I’ll do some troubleshooting

Tyvm for the quick answers

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