Having a problem with Windows Executable icons

Whenever I try to use executable icons, I run into a couple of problems.
If I choose to compress into a single file on export, and I have chosen an icon, the executable file will not run. I get an error of “Could not read SFX configuration or configuration not found.”
If I choose to not compress, then it runs fine.

Either way, the icon does not show up on the executable!
Is there some type of file I need to use, or another option I am missing?

Here is my .bmp file.

An old issue, not fixed yet.
Use InstallCreator. It will generate all you need without touching GD exported files. That’s the solution I chose back then.
Or create manually a shortcut to the gamewin.exe, and add inside your own icon.

Anyway I’m considering removing this “single compressed file” export option. Installer or archived folders are made for this.

I know that it’s been almost 2 years but someone might come across this thread. I used .ico format through the Project properties window and it worked for me. Thank you.