Having frequent problems with builds

I don’t know if this a problem that other users are having but, I can’t get the build service to work. I have checked my internet and as well re-opened GDevelop but I cannot upload the program to the build service. I’ll have to wait until tomorrow as it has used up my 2 build uses regardless of the error being displayed to me but, is there any way I can fix this issue? If this is a feature that will be fixed in a upcoming update that is understandable and I will wait patiently for it’s arrival. Thanks!


While the build service is an external system and isn’t part of the engine itself, some folks may still be able to assist.

However, you’d have to actually post the error message you’re getting.

Also note: There is a maximum filesize limit on what the build service can support, and it’s usually ~100-200mb.

Please send a screenshot.

Also, are you on Windows or Mac?

After spending some time, I finally configured my Mac and Windows to do manual builds, so that I could test like crazy on Android, Mac OS, and Windows.