Having to hold down a key for mele

So I have mele setup on my guy and I did a bit of patching to have it function correctly. Before when I would hold down the “d” key, it would loop and hold the mark (damage applier) in place allowing for bulldosing of enemies. but now you HAVE to hold down the key for it to finish the animation, is there something in my code that is preventing my animation from finishing unless you hold down the “d” key? I want you to be able to just tap it and have it finish

P.S. I have another problem with jumping where it just loops if you hold on the jump key, like is there a command to “stop jump” until you release the space key? Or should I make a new forum for that?

How does your idle animation look like? It might be what’s causing the animation to not finish (because it happens on every frame, so when your attack key isn’t pressed it sets the animation to idle) Consider a condition to check if the attack animation is NOT playing.
For the jumping part, the easiest way is to put a Trigger Once condition on your jumping event (the one that you press Space Bar)

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That was the problem! it totally fixed it, Thank you!

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It did add one more problem though, if I change directions quickly it finishes the last run animation first before starting the new one, is there a way to have the “animation finished” condition be for a specific animation only?

never mind, figured it out, have it where I have a variable that changes on frame 0 and 2, that seems to be working

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