Head Soccer (Platformer)

Does anyone have an idea on how to make a soccer game like this:

But not to fancy like that. Just simple movements and enemy AI. Hope someone can help me. Thanks!

Hello @FutureGameDeveloper,
Itry to explain my suggestion. Maybe isn’t the best one, of course.

To manage the menu effets, use tweens commands.

To manage the match, use physics to handle the ball movement.
I suggest you to put 3 invisible sprites, one on the right, one on the left and one above the AI to check when the ball or the player is close to AI.

AI algoritmic

  • go left or right in the direction of the ball
  • if the hidden sprite collides with the player, hit it
  • if the AI collides with the player, stop
  • if the hidden sprite collides with the ball, use your head
  • randomly ( if there is space in front of AI ) use the power shot


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Thanks for the suggestions! I’m new to platformer physics so I’ll try experimenting.

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If anyone have a template for this kind of game, much be appreciated! I can also donate some money for it.

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Hi I think VictrisGames did something similar here

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I’ve seen it now but it’s just a game and don’t have the sample project for it.

Hi! I’ve try to experiment and I manage to make a template for it. It has a player, enemy, and ball working but the physics of the ball is not that realistic like in other games. Hope you can try to test it out and see what parameters in Physics Engine will I change.

Here’s the template: