Health Buffer Not Working?

When I get hit the buffer is supposed to closely follow the Fill Bar but it just stays there it never goes down. If it matters all my margins are all 0 easing is 1 and the thing below those is 1 as well.

Can you explain it better, and include screen shots of what it looks like? And the events related to reducing health and displaying it?

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Can you include screenshots of the events that update health; when it is initially set and when it gets modified?

And is it safe to assume you are expecting the light coloured bar t be 42% of it’s original length, whereas currently it stays at full length?

idk what you mean by the 42% thing

Sorry for my ignorance, but what extension are you using?


42/100 = 42%

So you expect the bar to be 42% of the way across?

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Sorry for the late reply.

Uh, I’m just using the resource bar it’s built-in. and it’s supposed to be 100 at the beginning I’m just trying to show how the buffer won’t go back down to the Fill bar.

So again, what extension are you using?

Sorry for the late reply again…

I’m using the default built-in health bar.

There is no built in health bar. There is a health extension and a resource extension. Is it one of those?