Health resetting when resuming or starting new scene

My health is working great, except when I resume or start a scene. Then the health value and bar resets to full 100%.
I have tried several methods but can’t figure out how to make it stay at the same value. I have it set as a variable and I take the proper amount of damage and the health bar tracks it properly. This is my only issue

Are you using a global variable for the health?

Yes I am using a global variable

Can you post some screenshots of the events related to health please?

maybe you could work around it by something like this: when “x” makes the scene change, save health values “y” to global variables “z”, and when the new scene loads, set values “y” to values “z” (when you change the scene, save the health to an variable, and when the new scene loads, set the health value to the variable value

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I’ll try that real quick

alr lemme know if it works

I found my problem and I feel like an idiot lol. I have been working for a week and a half for hours a day and my brain is fried. I mixed up my health bar and global health variable on a couple of places. I got it fixed! Thank you for your responses.

ah yea that’ll do it :laughing: glad to know you fixed it!

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