Healthmax help problem (Solved)

hi i am back i have little problem resolving health max.

soo… i can say. If my health is 100% and do damage. sets 90% health
1 sec will add 50 health. but now its 140% health, how can i make health do 100% instead 140%

clamp experstion, your welcome

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ow ok thx? (sorry i am italian i dont get it)

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In this example I add 10 health but in the same event I set the clamp so that the Health variable doesn’t go under 0 or go over 100


thx but it dosent work, did i put something wrong. Anyways i tried figured out how make this but dosen’t work at all. In the same event evertime i add 100% health sets 200% health instead 100%

In your first event Change the variable Health of player: **add** 100 change “add” to “set to”.
Hope that helps

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its works. now ever time will set 100% instead 200% thx Reina

i need make sure the trigger one goes on top bc if i dont do i will continue to set

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