Hello all dev game

hello,my name is Dinar from indonesia,fresh graduate of animation school who interested in game development.
i found this web from gamejolt when i searching what’s the best platformer developing software. i really want to make a simple 8 bit platformer game,so please help me along the way with this awesome gamedevelop software! :laughing:

Hello, for introduce yourself to GD (game develop) you can start to read this : wiki.compilgames.net/doku.ph … formergame
It show you by images & texte how to make a plateform game in HTML5 (you can do the same for native game)
Good luck for you game :slight_smile:

thank you for the link,i will read it now :smiley:

Welcome dinarpanji!
Btw what do you mean bye hello all dev game?

sorry for my english XD i mean for every developer here