Hello everyone my death animation only play 1 frame i

How do i activate my death animation? My death animation seems to have 1 frame only

Can you show us what you have for the death animation in the object sprite editor as well?

Perhaps you need to set it to “loop”, but it’s hard to say without seeing what you’ve got there.

that is my animation frames and the other one is the animation that played

your death animation name is all in lowercase letters while the one you put on your action in the event isn’t

I have done it but still not solve

Okay the 4th thread about exactly the same thing…
If you are in collision with the enemy, you are also standing on the floor and you also don’t jump. That means your other conditions are also true at the same time.
Your death animation works, but you overwrite the animations every millisecond.

thanks i alr done it but now my problem is how do i make it auto run when on the floor ? I deleted character on the floor and my death animation works fine! Any help will be appreciate :slight_smile:

And i want to make it endless runner so its auto run .