Hello folks

Ok I’m a old school gamer and I first started out on the spectrum but was mostly fed on Amiga games which were cool, I have moved on and like playing xbox one, I have dabbled about with a lot of engines, from way back in the day, anyone remember Amos on the amiga or Blitz Basic?
I have used and tried unity3D,Dark Basic,Game Maker,Stency god knows how many others all with there pros and cons unity to me stands out the best of the bunch but with a heavy price tag.

I’m one of those people that start to make something then give up, 50 games started zero completed lol…

So I’m now here with you guys, I haven’t tried the software yet (iPad has to be updated first ), but
I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

From the outside looking in it seems to be aimed mostly at games but I’m hoping I can use the software to produce normal apps and use the sprites and game mechanics to create UI systems.

Anyway if you read this far you must be bored lol, but hello and thank you in advance

Welcome! :smiley:

Nevermore, what does make you search new engines when the one you like is free?
About pros, no doubt a pro about GDevelop is the pure-logic event system.

Maybe, but surely the “strong side” is to make simple game GUIs :wink: