Hello to all and to all a hello.

I found GDevelop on the Slant website, when I was voting for FPSC Reloaded. I have been an active member of that community for nearly 5 years and love using that engine. However, on Slant, I saw GDevelop and was instantly drawn to it’s bright colours and (what appears to be) simplicity.

I am yet to try GDevelop; I haven’t installed it on my PC nor have I tried the web based version. But, I thought I should make an account and introduce myself.

I am very interested in making a nice looking ‘pseudo 3D’ platformer, based on a first person game I have already made. I read somewhere that you can use Intel XDK to convert the HTML5 game so you can make it work with Android. Is this correct? Would this work with GD?

I think that’s enough ramblings from me for now.



Sure, that’s the way it is promoted/encouraged, check this from the wiki :slight_smile: :
Intel XDK on the wiki
Note that only HTML5 games can be used in Intel XDK.

By the way, nice art in your page, the textures are great :wink:

Yup, 2.5D games can be done in GD quite easily. You’d need to go the same route Rare did with Donkey Kong Country though - render all of your models to sprites as GD doesn’t support 3D meshes.

@ Lizard-13, Thanks for the information. I have actually fired GD up now and I must say, I am impressed with the UI. It looks fairly simple and well placed. Thanks for the nice comment about my 3D work.

@ Darkhog, Thanks for clearing that up. I was going to render out a few sprite sheets for my characters animations, but, it looks as though GD handles animation with individual images. I am looking forward to playing around with the engine. Looks fun.