Hello, where are the extensions?


I’m a way-too-long ClickFusion user, I say that because while it was great, it’s basically refused to grow with the times. Anyway after some searching and reading, I decided to check out GDevelop and I’ve been doing tutorials, getting a handle on the basics and I got to the point where it’s time to play around with extensions.

And therein lies the problem… Where are they?

The website indicates there’s some sort of built in search functionality to easily browse and add. This functionality does not exist, nor does the website indicate it’s for a different version of the software. This is true for both the web version, and the downloaded software version.

So I’ll assume that’s something that’s coming soon (which is great).

But where are they right now? For the current version of the software. I saw one item indicating they were ‘built in’ but that would normally imply that a list official extensions would appear when I click ‘functions/extensions’ It just gives the option for a new one and then a blank page.

Searching Google and even Bing did not yield useful results. Just the same things I already found, and some good deals on hair extensions.

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The extension searching feature is included in beta pre-release 69.

:warning: Remember you this version have few others bugs annoying, they are being fix.
If this is the first time you use the engine I recommend to wait :wink:

This version is in pre-release, you can download it on Github.
If you find a bug it is ideal to submit it in the category issue on Github.

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Hi Bouh,

Thanks for replying. I’ll take a look at it. Was there some other location to find extensions before this? That was the thing I found most puzzling. I couldn’t find any existing reference to where they currently are, or where they were.

Thanks again.

When you have the pre-release b69 you will have a list and a simple way to see the extensions available.

There are a small number of them because advanced users are starting to get used to this new feature.
We will be able to offer more extensions in the near future.

Documentation of this new feature

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