Help create game menu

I’m trying to create a simple menu where you can start a new game, quit and some other stuff, but I it seems no matter what I do it doesn’t work as I had hoped. The problem is that even though I have created it so that when the cursor is on an object and you click the left mouse button, you can alway click anywhere on the screen and the action I added (go to a certain scene) will happen whenever you hover over the menu item after you have clicked. Any idea how I can avoid this?

I have done something like this:


new_object button menu not mouse on
new_object_1 button menu mouse on
good luck

excuseme example here

I appreciate the effort, but I’m afraid I don’t see how this can help me with the problem I mentioned about clicking the mouse button while being outside of the object and then afterwards moving over the object, the scene will change (as opposed to change only when you click while hovering over the object)?

i have read now, oops
i try but the same problem,
please help…
how change scene?
in preview not display, the room change, but if you compile the game, this go
now the question is (for me :smiley:)
how see ,the change of scene, in preview mode?

A message appears in the status bar.

A message appears in the status bar.

the message is appeared, but basically , in the preview, the program not change scene, it is right?
the message is in french.

Yes, because only the current scene is compiled.

The most important part of the message is the scene where the game goes.

Did you have any luck? I suppose it should be possible somehow by setting a variable whenever there is contact between the button and the mouse cursor, but I just can’t figure out how.

Hey, I am new and I got it to work, ad an advanced and operator to your condition and make mouse and and mouse left click sub-conditions of the and. That is how I got it to work, I am just wondering if it would be easier to have the menu as a layer or as a whole new scene.