Help for Android Game Creation

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I’m new in this community and I’m trying to create an Android game with Gdevelop. I have create the game but now I have a problem, I would like to save the scores but I couldn’t do it in a file because you can’t do it if your game is an Android game.

Please, could you give advice or help in order to achive my goal of saving the scores.

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no one can help me?

Help please!!

Are you making a “native” game or an HTML5 game ?

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I’m doing the app with Gdevelop in HTML5

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I hope everyone had good holidays!

Please, anyone could help me with this problem?

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Are you sure it doesn’t work? I’ve readed about it here:
ddabrahim notes that it should work on Windows, Linux, HTML5, mobile through HTML5 wrapping, but not sure about native mobile. I’m sorry to take other people comments, I’ve never exported to mobile :frowning:
Please test the project attached in the post I linked, check if the save system works on your device :slight_smile:

Saving works fine on all my HTML5 Android games, with the Storage Actions.
I always use the “Open”, “Write”, then “Close” actions in order though.
I’m uncertain if you need to open or close them on HTML5 though.

Yeah I tried with Native Mobile many different ways, but no luck. :frowning:
I think it may be possible with some scripts though.

Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:
@ Colus: Did you try with/without the Open and Close actions? Just need to be called once each, before read/write anything (open) and after finished all the read/write proccess (close)

Hello! Thanks a lot to all of you! Yes Lizard-13, I tried the Open and Close actions but it did’t work…

Does it works in your browser if you run preview for HTML5 on your PC?

Hellos, Yes I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work on the browser… I don’t know what to do…

Can we check your project (.gdg file + resources) or any test project replicating the problem?
It (should not but) could be the browser too… Not sure about the Android export :frowning:

I uploaded 2 project as example, one of then (Project 5) is with HTML5 for Android and the second one (Project 6) is for Windows and Linux. One works and the other no.

Thank you in advanced.
Proyectos (6.23 KB)

Hehe I found the problem, the middle mouse button is not available as condition for the web platform :smiley:
Also you can’t do a middle “click” in an Android device, so I bet it could be the problem for Android too, try changing the middle button by a left button, and check if the Android version works :slight_smile: