[HELP] Idle Clicker Functions [Workers, per second]

Pretty simple.
You have 5 available workers.
Every worker working gives you 1 “money” per second.
You can control the workers working number by the plus and minus sign.
(The upgrade button existed there as I downloaded an idle example and worked with that template)

Can someone help me? I have no idea how to create a condition like (every worker), or the (every second) action

Maybe this video will be of some help in various areas of the game:

Just score-+1 has already been implemented in my example.
Thank you nevertheless.

Does anyone know how to create a condition and action for “Every one worker equals 2 money per second”?

Second bump.
Sorry for spam, but I am really looking for the answer here.

My best guess is you need to read up on using timers as well as “for each object” events. That should get you near what you are looking for.

Very quick coding job so you may need to adjust it to your requirements as Silver Streak says, read up on the info…

For example… If I add 3 workers to the scene now, it’ll increase the value of the text by 6 per second. If I add 5 workers, it’ll increase value of text by 10 per second and so on…