Help, platformer behavior doesn’t work

I can’t jump on the other levels only on level one. I used the same code(the platformer behavior) but it will only let me jump on the first level. How do I fix this?

If you are using multiple scenes you’ll need to create the platformer object and associated events for each scene.

Well, I did. I even made the platformer object a global object

Are you adding the events logic to the other scenes. I mean for instance has the level2 a level2events and there is the events to move the player?
Please share some screenshots of your events so we can help you better.

Yes, there are. Here’s levels 1-3 respectively image|690x216

Check your platforms in levels and plus add another condition for the player jump like:

Add some platforms and name it floor or something, then check if the player is in collision with floor and with platform object you created.

Space key is pressed
Player_PlaceHolder is on floor
----> Trigger Once
Simulate jump…

Something like this

Alrighty thanks! I’ll try that out