Help, please.

I have problem on my project. :frowning:

I made a main menu, in preview, I can’t select button, just display “In the compiled game, the game will be stopped.”; In game(Release), I click on “Start” button, but this close the game. Look like button setting just work on HTML game. How make button in complied game?

How to change Top Down Movement’s key?

Can make 3 layer in 1 object(Character, I decompose to head & body, hand(with gun) and legs)?

I just asked my few questions here, I have big plan to make a tactical RPG top down shooter game, this is very hard, hope everyone can help me and later. :slight_smile: (Sorry about broken english, hope everyone know my mean.)

If you are trying to change the scene when “Start” button is pressed, it is not going to work in preview of native game. You need to export “release” the native game to test it otherwise the scene is not going to change.

If you have exported the native game and it doesn’t work in native game but it is working in HTML5 game, can you share your project so we can test it?

When you have the top down movement behavior activated, you should have a “Top-down movement” category in the event list, somewhere on the bottom. When you add an action and you unfold the Top-down movement category you should see some option for simulating key presses:
The only thing you need to do is, add a key press condition to check for example if key D is pressed and for action, you can simulate the right key press for Top-down movement to move the object right when key D is pressed.

In GDevelop there is no “Layers” specifically to decompose objects in to parts. What you can do is, load your Character as separated objects. Head, body, legs, arms, weapon. And you can control for example the legs to move , and you can make the body to follow the legs and make the arms and head to follow the body and make the weapon to follow the hands. for example. To make an object to follow a specific point of an other object, first you need to create a custom point. For example, you need to create a point on the legs that would be the position of the body. To create the point, open up the object properties by double clicking on the object in the object editor and click on the little cross on the top.
After you should see the point window on the right side. To add a point just click on the little plus sign name it, for example “body point”, select it position on the legs (probably the top of the legs), and that’s it, you have created the point of the body.
To make the body follow the position of the that specific point of the legs, you need to use the usual events to set ithe X and Y position of the body object but for value, you need to use an expression to set the position to be at the specific point of a specific object. The expression is: