Help !, the images are not displayed :( PLEASE ):

Thank you very much friend for visiting my post, my problem is I want agregarun background to a game, position the image and this as an object in the scene, in the layer 0, but in the work area not I view, I have seen some tutotriales and try to add the image in the same way, (from the repository of images) but nothing is displayed. Your help siriviria me well, I’m new.

PS: I add some screenshots, if I may explain my problem properly.

:confused: :cry:

Hi! Do you have many layers? if you have only 1 layer, you don’t need to write anything to “layer” spot in objects properties.
I assume that you have drag that object to the scene from objects editor?

Indeed, I have only one layer, called 0 by default, I have no events or behaviors, what could be the problem for which you can not see the image in my work area?

Hmm if it’s default layer and you have not touched layer options the name should be “Base layer”. Don’t touch anything and it should work fine :slight_smile:

For what is your suggestion ?, think you should install?

subir imagenes gratis

Maybe pictures explains what I mean :slight_smile:

Well, well, then I need to create a layer (0) in addition to the base layer ?, now if I could insert objects :smiley: but not the specific image can visualize. I create a project again and try again to insert the image.

subir imagen

No you don’t have to :smiley: I just show you that if you got that default layer “base layer” then that layer spot is empty. And if you have layer named 0, then you have to write “0” to the layer spot.

Can you give me that project with assets so I can see what is going on?:smiley: It would help a lot to solve your problem, because of little language wall :smiley:

Of course!! many thanks for your help, I hope there is trouble for using MEGA, it’s what story yet.!atBETR5L!5KRv_L-39GQzlXRQp54Uxw

problem solved! Your pictures have to be in PNG format! Now some of them are JPG :slight_smile:

oh except that, everything else is right?

Well there was really nothing to look at :smiley: Everything is okay, just change jpg to png :slight_smile:

Yeah, well, I’m starting, and I found that problem, but I appreciate the time you spent and your help; thank you very much friend :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

heheh no problem! I’m glad if I can help! :smiley: