Help to create a platform game with attack

I’m newer in the GDevelop. I am using the platform game example for learn GDevelop and my first game is a Mario’s like more complete than the example.
I have images, and my character walks and jumps, but does not attack. As Mario, that can shoot fireballs after catching a fire flower.
I need help with this!
I’ve seen that to do this you need a “behavior” other than “platform character” but I don’t know how to add a new action from the list that already exists (movement, jumping, falling, ground and ladder).
It would be great an interface to create new behaviors.

Shooting event as Attachments. In picture, angle 360 is right and 180 is left. When flipped, player face left and when not then right. You can put physics engine behavior to ammo so when you shoot, ammo drop down and edit physics engine so, that ammo bounce etc. :slight_smile:
shoot events.png

Very very very very thanks! :slight_smile:

I go try!

(Ps. you can also give platformer character behavior to ammo and make it not response any controls what player use (default controls off). Then make it jump every time when ammo is on the floor.)

Good trip! Very thanks again, Jubeliuksen3.

I tested your set, and I got success in the game.
I put a music as background’s sound.
I made the game play a sound when the player press a button.
I am studying, audio by channels and sound transitions based by the player’s character position.

I am trying to give the player blows as punches, kicks, slashings, taunts (provocations), like: Strider, Street of Rage, Final Fighter, or attack with the tails (syrups) as Raccoon Mario and Luigi Raccoon.

Sorry, but I think that I still do not understand how to use the event rules properly.

What’s is the probleme exactly, i don’t understand what you are pointing with the red arrows : you mean you are experiencing troubles on conditions to start sounds ?

I think it’s hard for english speaker to understand your events using GD in French, maybe you use french language by mistake (GD have many traduction) ?

Try use trigger once condition to events 11, 12 and 13 :slight_smile: Trigger once condition activates action only once when triggered. In this case when you press f or g button. But tell us more about the problem so we can help best as we can! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!

GDevelop has a helpful and fast community. I am very glad you are providing something of time for you to help.

Thank you so much for this! :slight_smile:

I’m using GDevelop on my computer, which is installed the wonderful Debian GNU/Linux, and my whole environment is set to French, so there is no mistake, automatically the great GDevelop was in French to be prepared for international and own file translation into that language.
Sorry about this, Kink, and thank you for your attention. I know that English is the international idiom, and I got try do it better in next one.

Once again many thanks for the tips, Jubeliuksen3. I know GDevelop will continue to grow because it is good, it will get better and thanks to people arranged in a great community.

I will test your tips tomorrow. Very thanks again.