Help, using Tilemap objects

I guess this question is for Victor as he wrote it :slight_smile:

What is the best way to implement tilemap objects in a game?

I have experience in using tiled so I have made a simple map with one tile layer and an object layer which has rectangle and polygon objects.

I have imported this and have put a platformer object on the scene.

It falls through… ok, so it doesn’t seem to import the collision ‘objects’ from tiled…

So I set individual tiles to ‘collidable’ in the tile editor and now they do collide, but this seems to make a collider for each tile. I thought the tiled objects would be imported and we could use those as colliders which would really lower the amount of collisions…

Also if I want some parts of the map to be ‘ladder’ or ‘jump through’ do I need separate maps? At the moment you can set only one platform type for the whole map…?

Am I doing it wrong?

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The TileMap object doesn’t support independant collision objects. However, it supports “per tile collision masks”. You can edit the tile collision by opening the window “View > Tile collision editor” (Ctrl + Shift + O). Gdevelop will import only the first “object” of each tile collision objects.
By default, tiles not having at least a collision object will be not collidable.

This is a limitation of GDevelop more than a limitation of the object. You can disable the collision for the ladder and use an “invisible object” to do the ladder with the Platform behavior (so you can keep the ladder on the same map).

If you are using tilemap object to make a level (platformer game), I recommend you to cut your level parts, because of that collision thing game slows down a lot if you have one huge level and you have made whole level using one tilemap object.
I had to do it in my game, but I think it depends size of the level you are making :slight_smile: But now you know if your game is slowing down :smiley:

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Yes, I understand this and am going to progress my game using tiled to create the level graphics, but then hand create all the colliders using ‘invisible’ sprites… it’s just I expected the tiled import to create those invisible sprites from the tilemap ‘objects’ imported from tiled. This is how I’ve used tiled in the past with other engines.

I thought this was a, ‘not yet implemented’ feature, as you appear to import these objects but from your response it appears this functionality is not planned, or maybe even possible in GDevelop. So why do you import them?

Also, on the GDevelop tilemap editor there is back, middle and top layers… what is their purpose? Also, the ‘hide’ layer button, with the eye icon, does not appear to do anything in the windows IDE.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: