help whit the physic

:slight_smile: Hello ppl I have a problem with the game physics, I want to do: One simple collision

But I get this:

I tried a thousand ways but I could not .


Hello! :slight_smile: Have you checked objects collision mask?

yes Of course , the problem is the behavior collision, 1) or push it like a box
2) sends it to the end of the map

thx ofr reply :slight_smile:

So you want to move that blue object with green object? Or what are you trying to accomplish? :slight_smile: I can’t see that first picture.

I want to move the blue object with green, leave the link of the image of the page where the image climbed that you can see

should move so … ng#codigos

but it moves so{ … ng#codigos

Hmmm. I think I would do it so, that give that blue object platformer behavior and when you drop it activate the behavior and when you want to throw right deactive the behavior and give it force to right. Of course put acceleration and max speed to 0. I don’t know is that what you want, or do I understand that right what you want :slight_smile:

not work :frowning: better clarify the idea, :exclamation: I try to do is apply a force to another object :exclamation: , such as when two balls collide in a game of pool or when a ball is kicked in football.

thx for the reply :slight_smile:

Ahaa okay… :slight_smile: Hmm check out breakout example and maybe get there some inspiration about when ball is collision bricks and how it bounce? There is no straight answer your problem in that example, but maybe get some ideas and develop new thing that is what you want :slight_smile:

For the moment I can’t help better :frowning:

The example of the breakout gave me an idea of what I have to do, I am using physical engine extension in my project, but the principle is the same im try to apply the behavior of brakeout, now my question is
As I get to move in the opposite direction, I’m trying to use “Apply a Force (angle)” of mechanis physic So that the force is applied in the direction of x Angulo, but do not know how to make it move in the opposite angle to the green ball.