Help with clones?

I promise I’ve been to these forums thousands of times and I’ve always found my answers on my own and want to say thanks for all the help…
But I’ve got a question that I just can’t find anything on:
My game is almost done and I’d hate to switch over to another engine. But I’ve got a glitch where I’ve put in one enemy and it does everything I need it to.
I set up a second enemy, different name, animations, everything…
But when I press run, it shows the first enemy. I’ve even deleted the first enemy and it still shows it. I’ve restarted and reloaded all the animations, changed names and folders, it just won’t change to the second enemy. I drag in the second enemy. Looks like second enemy. Press run, still loads up first. Over and over and over.
Any tips??
(I’m losing my mind!)
Thank you so much for any help.

I’m just curious if you’re using the desktop app or the online one. I can’t help because this hasn’t happened to me, even though I’m constantly switching animations (I have Inkscape open in the background and export directly to my project folder as I’m working on my logic, sometimes even overwriting an image I already made as I tweak it a bit). The only thing similar is that sometimes the updated image won’t show in the scene editor unless I close the file and reopen it, but the correct image always shows in the preview.

Thank you so much for responding.
I’m using the desktop app. I’m on a MacBook Pro M1 8gb. It has been plenty powerful.
I’ve made sure all apps are closed and saved. I wonder if there’s some kind of virtual memory I need to wipe in the program. When I get home I’m going to try deleting Gdevelop and do a fresh install.

Probably someone else here would know, but hopefully that will work.

Are you using object groups. Maybe your events are using the group not the object.

I tried both ways too. As groups and not. I just can’t think of why it would still use the wrong animations when I’ve deleted them from the game. Somehow it’s still pulling that artwork from a whole different enemy.

That’s just weird. Did you look in the resource tab? Do you have any external events or scenes? Are the new and old objects both showing in the debugger?

Is just the wrong art or are they different objects? Look through the animations maybe you missed one like the “idle”

IDK. IM just throwing out ideas.

I’ve deleted all the enemies and started fresh with only enemy 2. And it still shows enemy 1. My next step is deleting it out of the computer so it has no way to reference any other file but the correct one.

They’re separate objects, each with 8 way top down directions. I even went through and named each animation different and changed the names of the enemies. Just weird.

Do you have any external layouts or events. Global objects?

There was someone awhile ago who had sprites that wouldn’t show. They had somehow duplicated all of their objects and one set was out of view. Another person recently had a teeny tiny extra enemy object.

No external layouts and I tried turning the enemies into global objects as a last ditch effort, but have since deleted them and reloaded all the animations and renamed them.

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For anyone out there with the same glitch. I had to move all the files to different locations and each in their own folder and renamed them all. Suddenly they all load correctly.

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Well glad you got it fixed. Are they all in different folders in the projects folder?

What worked for me was taking them out of the projects folder and spreading them out on the desktop. I don’t have any idea what the difference is or how Gdevelop was able to keep referencing something deleted. Some kind of temporary cache issue. If that’s a thing.

Hello, I have had the same problem at least twice in different cases. From what I understand Gdevelop mistakenly takes some sprite as if it were part of the animation. It has happened to me that in an animation of an enemy a frame was modified by another object (that did not have the same name, even one that was not currently being used in the project). After thousands of attempts to understand why that frame appeared in the preview if everything was correct when editing the animation… I realized that I had to rename the images that i used in that animation, delete the animation and redo it by importing the images with the new names (no need to change the source folder).
I thought it had only happened to me.

Indeed this is a glitch in Gdevelop that when you have sprites sorted in different folders but using identical filenames, only one of them will be loaded.

I changed the names of everything and it didn’t work. Just moving the folders did the trick.
If anyone comes across this thread, try both!