Help with enemy movement using variables

hi i am using TimeDelta() on a variable to randomly choose a direction but im kind of stuck as they just dont move and iv looked it through and they should do.

i dnt know what im doing wrong but if you want to test it download it from!taylormadegames/c1197

anyway heres what i have;

i have now tried using different variations and it looks like its getting stuck at event 83 can any1 see what im doing wrong or can i not use TimeDelta() for this kind of event to happen.

Alright, I’ve downloaded it, the “bug” comes from the event 70: “Distance between Tank and Enemy is NOT below variable Sight >> Do 1 to the movement of Enemy”.
This event always sets the movement type of the enemy = 1, and you lost all your AI logic :slight_smile:

thanks lizard god that was a pain just couldnt work it out :wink: