Help with events - rotation

Hi guys, can you help me understand why is this not killing the player please?
gate is otherwise working fine (it stops when with collision with the ground)

You moved the X origin point to the end right?

My guess is that the gate is considered “stopped” and you need to check some other conditional instead.

you mean this?


yeah that was my guess too, tried a few but there is no conditional for object rotating

of cause there is:

uhh, i would swear i tried that one. yea it works. thanks. just to understand is that 90º compared to the original position or final position?

I would edit the points on your player, and create a “head” point somewhere in the sprite’s head area.
Then add a condition like this:
Gate: Point inside collision Player.X(“head”), Player.Y(“head”) => kill player

I’m still having trouble with this…the top part doesn’t kill the player but the lower part does kill.
I think it’s also related to this, idk why the player is lower there