Help with External Layouts

Hello again. And some more horribly poor English.

Started to use external layout in GD and encountered some problems.
How do I edit the level in external layout? I’m create a new e~ layout, selecting the scene, it appears in the window. But the screen is fixed, I can’t scroll it, scrollbars doesn’t work.

Did you tried to insert a few objects?
External layouts are empty by default.

I tried example file “Multiple levels with external layout”.
I tried my own project. Tried to add some objects in external layout. But still scrollbars doesn’t scroll.

Oh yeah I didn’t notice that the scrollbars were not working: I always use the wheel button of the mouse to move in the scene. It’s fixed, thanks :slight_smile:
Everything should be working apart from this, and so you can use the mouse wheel instead of the scrollbars.