Help with Game lobby?

Please, have how help-me with a exemple of Room List? Showing only the Name of Room ( Who go make the room need put the IP, in case the ip will go to a invisible variable ), der is to create a lobby, also make a password for the room

No is to FPS, RPG, is to a simple game, i only need show the rooms created by the player and make others players join at room

how this for exemple

alot of Thanks for the community help in my last topic,

First of all, you’d need some sort of server-side app or script that keep tracks of rooms. Seen it done with PHP in Manic Digger (a mineclone) case. Then your game needs to connect to said server to get list of the rooms.

I can’t help with the details, since I’ve never made such thing before, however this is general idea that could get you going.