Help with pathfinding automatism extension


I would like to use the pathfinding automatism extension and I have a question.
When I rotate my object to look at the direction of the path,it very choppy.
The direction of my object is jumping node to node which is right but looks very poor.

What I would like to achieve is that,my object smoothly follow the direction of the path.
Nicely turn right,left as moving.
Is there a way I could achieve this?
If it not possible,this is the way how it works,than is that possible in the future the extension can be improved to nicely turn the object’s direction as they moving on the path?

If you would like to see what I mean by “choppy and poor” I have uploaded my project here:


And I found two things relating to pathfinding that can be a bug but I’m not sure

If I don’t set a condition the object is moving to opposite direction,it looks like the path created in the wrong direction.
The second thing is,when I set the speed of the object on the path,the number is not shown on the event sheet,so If I want to change it,I have to open the event.