Help With Physics Collisions

Hey, I’m currently making a puzzle game where you drag objects around in a room. I have the objects split into Draggables (physics objects that you can drag around) and Solids (fully static physics objects). My plan was, instead of making every object a new sprite, I thought I could make a sprite with different animations for each draggable object, and a sprite with a different animation for each solid one, and simply change the object animation per instance.

However, as each object needs its own custom collisions, I want to use collision masks instead of the polygon thats within the physics behavior.

Is there any way to make the Physics behavior follow each animations collision mask?

Alternatively, I like only need custom collisions for the solids, so is there any way I can make physics objects collide with the static Solids without the solids being a physics object themselves?

Hopefully all of that made sense!

No. Unlike animation collision masks, physics collision masks are one shape for the object. Also, the two collision mask types are unrelated.

A physics object does not detect a physics collision with a non-physics object. You can still use the non-physics collision between the two objects, but that uses the non-physics collision mask of both objects. And using the non-physics forces or movement with a physics object will interfere with the object physics movement and can cause it to behave in a weird manner.