Help with simple Spawning System

Hi people, how are you?

Sry to bother here but i have a simple (i hope) question.

I have created an object / instance in the visual editor and placed on my scene on the floor. I made various condition and events (AI to chase player, jump etc… etc…) ALL PACKED “as external event” so it wont mess with player’s AI …and when he’s lifebar ends he get deleted. All perfectly working.

Now the problem, (aka question for Gandalfs).

"How would I be able to spawn (or better spawn copies) of the same object WITH THE SAME AI ?

I have used “for each object conditions” and it does works “FOR ALL OBJECT I CREATE AT THE BEGIN OF THE SCENE”. …If i create an obejct later it doesn’t work. (or the object is created without Ai. He just sit at spawning x,y,…lol. I need to give em the same " brain" as the original ALPHA MOB oNE…XD…

It looks simple, but to me isn’t. Looking for fixes.

Thank you.

…replying to myself…
i don’t know what i’ve done and if it s the proper way but it worked after this.

…what’s the difference between for each object and the one i used here?

it seems it doesn’t work…always

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This, or using a “for each instance”. Normally the logic we made works for an instance of an object, or the objects with the same timing. Now you are asking Gdevelop to work with each one of the objects of the same time (the same “for each instance” will do)