Help with (Top Down) movement looking not smooth(solved(kinda))

hello, the issue is that movement is very unsmooth if the player moves diagonally

here is a video showing the issue and the project files itself

the issue is now solved but the issue i asked help for wasn’t but i just used changing position for movement instead so the “thread” is solved here is a video showing what i did to fix it: Video - YouTube

It’s because it tries to fire two events i.e. pressing up and right simultaneously which in turn makes this “stairs” movement.

I haven’t used top down movement too much because of its limits, so I suggest you to make your own movement system. Then you will have better control on how the object will behave and you could make something like this

and then you could add things like animations and rotations.

From the video, it looks like the horizontal and vertical movement is unsmooth too. I suspect it’s because you’ve got a small resolution, and then blown it up to full screen. Any small movement deviation is magnified. If you leave the preview window normal size, the movement should be reasonably smooth.

Yeah. That’s an issue with Pixel Perfect projects.

okay thanks ill do some testing

from what my testing shows it doesnt effect it at all

i was using forces and it was happening to here is a video showing it with a force system in play and it doesn’t do much different: - YouTube

Interesting, because my testing did highlight the difference, though it wasn’t as pronounced as in your video.

Do you have many other events that could be effecting it? If you have just sprite with top down movement and the movement events you currently have, and nothing else, does it still do it?

sorry for late aswer

no for me it doesn’t effect it at all