Help with volumes [SOLVED]

I am having trouble with all the app sounds when packaging for iOS then using Cordova in terminal to export to Xcode. Running the app in GDevelop all the sounds play okay at the correct volume and work great, but when loading the app from the iPhone, everything is at 100% volume regardless of the volume specified in GDevelop when some sounds need to be quieter than others. Not sure if this is an issue with GDevelop or Cordova or what. Is anybody else experiencing this? I know one potential way to solve it could be to manually modify each sound before importing then running everything at 100% volume in Gdevelop, but I am considering rewriting some of the code to loop the audio upon scene load at 0% then raise the volume as necessary when needed. This wouldn’t work if it’s always going to play sounds at 100% when exported to my phone.

On another note, are any of you guys using Cordova to put your project into Xcode and get it running on the iPhone? Are there better ways to do this than using Cordova?

The sound need an user interaction to be played in Browser based applications, that could maybe the issue you’re having. make sure that the user interacts at least once with the device and the sound will be played correctly.

Thanks for the reply. The issue isn’t the sound not playing or anything like that. It’s the sound playing at max volume on my iPhone even when I code it to play at like 25% volume in GDevelop. It works fine when I run the app in GDevelop, it’s just when I move it to an actual iPhone where the sound volume issue arises.

Thanks for reporting!
Could you make a dummy project reproducing the issue and the steps you take for exporting/building, and we’ll forward that to the devs.

UlisesFreitas, I must apologize! Your answer was exactly what fixed the problem! Thank you! Sorry I didn’t consider it more carefully earlier. I added a title screen with a ‘Play’ button and it fixed the sound volume issue on my iPhone.