Hey All - Video Support

Hey all! First post here!
First off, great software/game engine, I’m really happy me and my small team stumbled upon GDevelop, it has so much potential!
We’re starting to build our game with it, and from what I understand Video Object Support was taken out due to stability issues :frowning:
Any idea when it’ll be back?
The development of our game may suffer due to the missing video support, but we’ve thought of alternatives of course.
Would be great to have an ETA on that though.

Anyway, keep up the good work 4ian, and all those involved! :slight_smile:

It was there, but extension was unstable or something. If you know C++, you could go try and write your own extension.

Thanks for the response.
I don’t know C++ that well myself, but I’ll ask our coders.
Also, is it possible to implement a save feature or would that be done through an extension as well?

The save feature already exists. Events → Storage and here you can read and write values to files.

Of course, can’t believe I missed that, thanks!