Hey everyone :D

What’s up guys ?!

I am desk467, a programmer since 2006 and my main motivation was to make games. I went through many programs such as MMF2, Game Maker, LÖVE and here I am to meet GDevelop.

A promise I made to myself for this year is to integrate me to some open-source project, I think I found a cool project: D
I will do my best to help here, are creating tutorials, helping in the development itself of the game engine, etc.
Oh, I have a game development team, is called awesome team, and we are developing a game that, for now, is called Project Funhouse.

And that’s all folks

Welcome! :smiley:
Good to know perhaps somebody can help 4ian and victor with the project :slight_smile:

By the way, Awesome Team is an awesome name :wink:

Welcome ! :slight_smile:

Hello there :smiley:. As you’ve probably realized by now we’re a friendly bunch :laughing: . Don’t be shy to ask questions and we’ll help you for sure! :mrgreen: