Hey Guys & Gals of GDEV! Does this look normal to you?

After attempting to add a new Scene (Logo Splash) and Checkpoint, I then realized my Player gets stuck in the initial spawner (in the very beginning of the game). I’ve deleted the Hitbox and Animation, added it back, moved it around, double checked my events. I then opened Developer’s Tools and seen their were some errors.

I may need a professional on this, any suggestions. This is my VERY FIRST time doing this. This is in fact my very first project. So I apologize for my nub(ism), however I do appreciate any help due to this project being very important to me.

The game is based on a real character I’ve been developing. So seeing him in action is really great. Thank you everyone for the contribution.

Stizzi (Yumyoda)

Here’s some shots… Anything look out of place? any suggestions ? HIT ME BABY, HIT ME!

Towards the bottom, JUST above “BOOGERPROJECTILE” is “AllowDoubleJump” - I wanted to note: The top part of the Events was accidently cut off. Please don’t slay me. EvilKibo will eat your face. Thank you.

The red error messages regarding failed to load resources could indicate that you might have deleted or moved some images on your computer but a reference to those images is still exist in the resource manager with the old path. You need to go to the resource manager and delete or edit those references manually.

I noticed you store and reference assets outside the project folder. I recommend to move all your assets in to your project folder. It is causing problems all the time.

The error message regarding you must enter a number or valid expression call could indicate that somewhere in your project you either did not enter a number value or you typed an expression wrong. The console and the JS code does not help to locate where this error is, Check all your events.

I don’t know about the error regarding unable to find the PlatformerObjectRuntime behavior.
It could be that, you have deleted maybe an object been using that behavior and then when you added the object again, you did not add the behavior to the object and so when you press preview, GD does not copy the behavior to the preview folder. But, in the events you do reference the behavior and so the compiled code do trying to locate the behavior but unable to find it. So my guess is that you forgot to add the behavior to an object but you do reference it in the events, check all your objects should be using the behavior.


This all sounds incredibly helpful, I will perform the manual labor and seek, move, and manage my files. Thank you very much! I’ll come back with results in order to support your support :slight_smile:


Typing this as I go along. These are the steps I took

  1. Moved all ‘image’ and ‘sound’ files into the proper Project File (Project 6 in my case)
  2. Deleted all the images associated to objects and uploaded the new ones.
  3. Placed the order of each action ‘running’, ‘jumping’, etc, to their original Animation#
  4. Recalibrated the Objects in Events by re-selecting them (I don’t know if hat did anything, worth the try)
  5. Saved and Restarted GDevelop
  6. Toggled Developers Tools and then Ran Game (test)
  7. Errors coming in from old paths
  8. Could not find “Resource Manager”… Skeptical of its existence.
  9. Considering starting from scratch again. Actually, it may be a great idea.
  10. Considered to start from scratch tonight, got really hungry.

I think because my filing of files was so messy, I broke it. lol So, I’ll watch carefully what I do and continue to learn from scratch. This is good because I want to continue advancing, I don’t want to just do the simple stuff and tell everyone I made a game. I want to keep developing and become something, I want my game to become something.

PS. I’m really loyal, so I appreciate everyone on GDEVELOP who is TOO Loyal, I like the logo, I like the colors, GDevelop will be something phenomenally dependable one day, will you be part of it?

Thank you [ddabrahim] for the quick response!

Did you tryed to re ading the thouse pictures?

Hey Ruhan, I’ve already move from the issue and started from scratch in order to continue learning GDevelop. But what do you mean “tryed to re ading the thouse pictures?” There are many grammar errors. Sorry.

Oh! I mean to say Delete your sprite and then try to add sprite again.

Hey can you tell me how can I make a Retry level button for my game…

Oh, thanks brother. Yeah, that was the first thing I tried.

As for Retry, I’m still brand new. I would see if an Object (“Retry” Button) can Start the current Scene when mouse/touch is clicked. But that sounds primitive, but somewhere to start as it sounds logical to me. Good luck!

Oh ! Not mention bro I am also noob

Please don’t ask on other topic for your issue each time…
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Oh! I am so sorry. I will not do it again.