Hi. Curious on GD features

I’m currently just dipping my toe into the idea of game making. I’ve been playing with Construct2, and have come here because it’s Linux supported, and my next computer may well be Linux operated.

My question is this. How does GD capabilities fare in comparison to Scirra’s?

If you choose to create a native games, there is a lot of extensions to do lots of things.
If you create HTML5 games, there are less features for now but it should keep improving at each new version :smiley:

Otherwise, concerning the rest of the engine, you should feel confortable with both software, the concepts are the same :slight_smile:

Thx for your answer. I’ll have to try it out.

PS - Unrelated suggestion: The GameDevelop logo at the top. I don’t know if the forum settings allow it, but if it does, it’ll be beneficial if clicking on the logo sent you to the main Compilgames page ( compilgames.net/).