Hi folks

Hi, I’ m Hermes, I love videogames from the times of my father’ s ZX Spectrum (I was 4/5 years old) and I dream about publishing something made by me, someday.
I started messing up with Construct2 some time ago, but now they’ re migrating the development (and their interest) to Construct3, but I don’ t like at all the WebBrowserApp system of C3, neither their new pricing system.
I stumbled upon GDevelop and I found it very interesting and promising, so here I am.

Welcome :slight_smile:

Construct 2 only migrating (some time in the future) over to construct.net which is the new website for both C2 and C3.
Scirra.com coming down but it doesn’t mean the development of C2 stop.
Of course C2 won’t receive any more new features but still going to be maintained with bug fixes and improvements.
But even if it get nothing but bug fixes once in a while, C2 is light years ahead of GDevelop I’m afraid. So even if it development stop, unless you can not run it any more on your system, it got lot more to offer than GDevelop.

C3 already available for offline use. When you run it for the first time it get downloaded and unless you clear your cache, you can run it offline and use it as much as you like. Of course in that case you don’t get access to the new updates and fixes and stand-alone offline versions is planned for the future. Probably when the C3 stand-alone version going to be released, that time going to be officially the end of C2.

I don’t like the pricing either, but you might need to take a look at how much C3 has to offer for it price compared to GDevApp for example, which is the web version of GDevelop. I believe GDevApp cost something like 7 euros a month which is 84 euros a year and it doesn’t work offline, you need to use 3rd party services such as dropbox to store your sprites just to mention some limitations. While C3 already offer a lot more including a fully featured IDE and you can store and do pretty much anything in the cloud for about 90 euros and it is only the beginning, more is on it way…

It might seems like I’m trying to defend Construct but really what I’m about to say is that your decision to drop Construct 2 and come to GDevelop is driven by a wrong impression in my opinion. But in case you decide to stay, you are more than welcome :smiling_imp:

:open_mouth: Confess, you are an hidden agent of Scirra! :slight_smile:
Jokes apart, I have no big goals, I want to make only pixel platformers (like Space Expedition, Biolab Distaster and so on), for these kind of projects GDevelop is ok, right?
Plus, even if it doesn’ t change anything for me personally (I already have a Personal License for C2), I really like the idea that GDevelop is Open Source.

Gdevelop is great with platformer game !

Yes, I have tried this afternoon to start a Platformer following the relative tutorial and I can assure that GD is more “simple” (intended as intuitive) than C2.
Do not know about advanced visual effects and so on, but for a “basic” purpose like mine seems very good!