Hi Guys, How can I make a seesaw that interact with a platformer object?

I tried to create a platform with physics and a rounded support below, but it didn’t work. Can someone give me a solution?
Like this.

Ah… If I am right, the physics behaviour does not interract with the platformer one. For exemple they have 2 different collision system.
What kind of effect would you like to achieve ?

Kind when an object platformer is positioned to the left side of the seesaw, it tilts down
Like this gif

As @vfabien21 wrote, platform and physics behaviours don’t mix.

Make the plank a dynamic physics object. Then add a pivot joint at the centre of the plank. You’ll also need a static physics object as the floor, to prevent the see-saw from spinning like mad. The support in the middle is just for show in this case - it plays no part in the see-sawing affect.

Each object that sits at the ends of the see-saw will need physics behaviour too.