Hi there !! :))

I am an animator and 3d generalist, here is my website

I own a scirra construct2 license, but at the same time wish I could use it in linux. There are many others like me. Many of them havent found this engine yet.

We need to somehow spread awareness about it. I want to see it adopted and widely used.
It deserves more attention. I am sure it will get it soon enough :slight_smile:

Feel free to spread the word about Game Develop! I hope it will get more attention as it is a rock solid alternative to many more popular game creators software.

If you have any idea to make GD more popular (publishing GD on a website, adding it to a game engine list…), feel free to tell me about it :smiley:

-Gamedevelop game jams organized by the community- when we grow in numbers :laughing:
-Gamedevelop tutorials by the community and official- an official gamedevelop youtube channel
-Research how other engine makers have managed to nurture a thriving community full of examples.

And hopefully one day we get enough games to be able to create a video montage like this one

and a tumblr page that shows off the games

the best way to promote a game engine is by showing off games made with it, showing it off in action in tutorials. Regularly posting in a blog about each release’s new features- with lots of screenshots.

There are so many things we can do to promote it. But we must come together and make things with it . Popularity is like the avalanche effect, once you trigger it well enough - it gets bigger and bigger. But you gotta have the scene set up for it to happen and be patient.