Hide banner ad after 2 second

Hello, I am trying to hide my banner after 2 second. I did this but it doesn`t seems to be working…any help?

I see that you have added the condition for the timer “bad” as a subcondition for the timer “V”. Is this what you’re trying to accomplish?

Anyway, I think the problem might be that the variable “banad” never exceeds 4, never satisfying the condition.

well, the variable BANAD exceeds 4 and it s like because I want to show the banner ad after 4 retries which perfectly works, but I want to hide it after 2 seconds, i might be wrong putting the bad timer under v since it s serving a different purpose, is that the problem??

Try this
Condition -
At the beginning of the scene

show banner
Reset the scene timer
Change the scene variable “variable name” = 1

New empty event

The timer “timers_name” is greater than 2
The scene variable “variable name” = 1

Hide banner

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will try and tell…thanks!!

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