Highscore not displaying

Hey all,

There is nothing happening with the highscore. I only get the placeholder text.
Also the score + coins in external event worked perfectly before. But now this is not working also. It now only show the placeholder text.

What did i do wrong? I can’t see what.

(External event - scene variable is made. And is a overlay for almost every scene.)

*(Sceen you get when you finish a level succesfull. And changes variable score. And needs to save the highscore to device)

This is the screen where the placeholder text needs to change.

Thanks in advance.

The only problem I could think of is either you didn’t create a Global Variable under “Game Settings”. Or there is a typo when you made the “GlobalVariableString”.
It should look like this:

Check your spelling and check to make sure you made the default score 0.

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Okay, I’m now looking at your syntax and it seems you wrote: “ToStringGlobalVariable”. Have you tried switching to: “GlobalVariableString(score)”?

Thanks for your help. I changed it to GlobalVariableString. But that wasn’t the problem. I removed the condition at beginning of scene. And moved the change highscore and read highscore to the home scene. It is working now!