Hitbox and Points for text objects

Recently I noticed that we don’t have point and hitbox section in text object…basically I was putting Game over text in my scene and I use a position command of “screen height and width / 2” and it didn’t put Game over text in center of screen.

Text are not define visually, i mean sprite object have texture. But not text.
How you want attach a point on a text like on sprite ?

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Well somtimes we need to work with text objects like sprite…suppose I want when I shoot bullets to a enemy object a score points to pop up from enemy center point and fall down…and when I do make program like that the score points text dosen’t popup as I wanted because of the origin point of that text is top left…But I can fix that by moving the center point enemy to top left…or there is another problem when I want to make Text Button I can’t change the hitbox and thats a problem for me…So can’t we make a program that can make a text behave like sprite . I think this is not a very big issu but I just wanted to share my one of daily problem.

Hitbox can be more difficult to implement.
The Text object need improvements, events are most advanced than the object editor :confused:
Actually we can’t center text horizontal/vertical, visible at start, toggle wrapping, change padding, opacity in properties editor.

Changing padding have no effect on hitbox, the hitbox by defaut fit always the Text :expressionless:

And the me Opacity of objects should be in Properties panel of instances.
It’s a general parameters like position, rotation, angle.

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Its ok to understand what we should update. I think for now its not a very big deal to update text object and add hitbox to it but point function is necessary.