Hitbox and SVG


I’m new to Gdevelop and I was wondering if it was possible to use SVG files and create the hitboxes of the objects with it.
It would allow to have some really precise hitboxes quite easily.

If there is sucha feature how does it works. Thanks !


You can’t use SVG directly in games created with GDevelop. But, you can export hem as PNG and then use them in a Sprite. You can also create custom hitboxes inside the sprite object.

Oh alright so it’s not possible to get directly the hitbox using the svg.

How do you create the custom hitbox then ?

double click the image you want to edit the hitbox for and in the top menu there should be a box with some lines through it click that and on that screen is where you edit your hitbox’s/collision masks.

Okay I’ll do that ! Thanks for the reply !

Hm I just tried that but when I change the hitbox everything got wrong.
I made the hitbox smaller around my character but when I launch the scene it gets super mess and it’s like my character have a huge hitbox or something.

How can I correct that ?
Is there any tutorial about hitbox ?

i dunno if its the same problem as a few of the others are having but try setting the origin point as the centre point i have changed my collision masks and it worked fine but i have changed my origin points

Well I managed to make it work thanks to you !

nps did it work now you have set the origin to the centre

Yeah and I worked on all the animations’s frame separetly