Hostroom with chatroom


I’m relatively New to gdevelop but i have figure out how to use a couple a things, im creating a bet game where a minimum of 2 players and a maximun of 4 can place bets to a specific number. The first player that create the initial bet amount is the one that should create the hostroom. I want that the other three players can enter in the room created by the first player and at the same time they interact with each other in some sort of Window chat.

If posible to create this with gdevelop? Or at least that the players can enter in the hostroom created by the first player?

Thanks a lot in advance. :slight_smile:

GDevelop 5 doesn’t support multiplayer :neutral_face:

Ok. Shame to hear that. So i guess there is a way to do it? With js or something like that because i have seen that gdevelop have to insert js code.

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