Hour minute second calculator Temp Conv

Back in the days I’ve created an Hour minute second calculator and a temperature converter in C++ and i would like to build an Android app this weekend that is going to perform the same task. First of all is it possible with Gdevelop? Next thing is i wanna create a little menu to select between the two operation? Can anyone help me find some tutorial on that or how can i run the C++ code in there without rewriting it in another programming language?

Well that’s actually a really simple task. I don’t think you’ll need to rely on any c++ code here.

You have to create a sprite for each menu entry (if you want to display a pushed and non pushed version of the menu entry create two animations with just one frame each).

Then check if mouse/touch is on the menu item object and mouse/touch is down. If so change the scene to the appropriate calculator scene.

For the actual calculations you need a text entry object for getting the user input, a text object for displaying the result and a scene variable for storing the calculations. GDevelop has a lot of built in math functions in the expression editor. You can open it with the button right of the entry field when setting the value of a variable (button with the sum icon).

Thanks a lot for your advised this method goes hand in hand with what i was thinking of doing in terms of logic but guess what? I have no idea how to do that s pent the entire weekend trying to create the app menu (which will be the first the user will see when launch) the only thing i was able to do is to change is THE BACKGOUND (I’m new to Gdevelop) how do i create an item object and mouse/touch that you’ve spoke about? Or if there’s a tutorial that i can check out please

Here is an example project on how to switch scenes (see attachment)
Also have a look at the examples bundled with gdevelop (file->open an example) to see how everything works.
You can find tutorials and documentation here: http://compilgames.net/wiki/doku.php
ScenesExample.zip (32.9 KB)