How break/continue statement?

Other code question. How use similar statement to break/continue in conditional/loop blocks.

I guess you can do it by using some variables states ? What is the finality, can you give us an example ?

Continue statement it will be used especially in loops:

Break statement it will be used especially in search loops to break it, when i have found the result.

Your “Pick all Sprite” conditions are useless as GDevelop already considers all instances of objects by default (until conditions restricts the choice). By the way, they are no loops in your example.

All right, and with ‘For each object’ event, Will it happen the same?

What is “continue” supposed to do here exactly ?

I refer to break/continue csharp statement:


Used in for and foreach loops.

But you can do better by using a condition in the for each that exclude the necessary objects (or use a variable that you set to 1 to emulate the “break”).