How can I create sprites for my games?

Hi folks, do you know about a program that creates sprites and backgrounds for the games? because it has been very difficult to make in Paint.

I used GIMP and Krita. And I mostly prefer Krita, but you have to have GIMP too.

do you have a tutorial to make sprite?because i new in create sprites

I create sprites on paint fairly easy by zooming in with the grid on. I also use gimp. But I use blender mostly. Only if I don’t want pixel style sprites though. If you use gimp I might can help. (I know a bit of it)

Use youtube!!!
And Vimeo!!!

You can try to make your sprite in Inkscape, its more easy, for vector tutorial check this website :

and for Inkscape :

On windows, Paint.Net is great too and it’s free : easiest and simpliest than Gimp.

Try Piskel:
Offline versions: … plications

I use Photoshop in terms of creating sprites… since most of the sprites I do is buttons and other GUI/HUD stuff.