How can i fix this bug?

So recently, I have this bug. So, I made a main menu for my game, and I added 2 buttons: “Play” and “Instructions”. Now, if I click “Play”, it’s brings me to the instructions page. The two buttons redirects me only to one page. Can you please me with this bug?

Hello, Ahmed

Can you show to us some prints of your code?

oh yeah, sure.

For each mouse button down event, you also need to specify which object it is over as the condition.

So in the first event, add the condition that the mouse is over the Play button object, and for the second event add the condition that the mouse is over the Instructions button object.

Also, in this situation, use a trigger once condition in each event too.

So I can add 2 events for one button. For example, the “Play” button, I should add an event that says that the mouse/cursor is over the button, and add another condition that says that the button is clicked on.
This will fix the bug right?


Note, and event is made up of conditions (the left side of the event line) and actions (the right side of the event line). You can put in multiple conditions and actions into one event line. If all the conditions are met, then all the action will be performed.

I suggest you start a new project and begin with a template game. Check the events in that to see how they work and can be used.