How can i make a Player when he is on colision with enemy shadow he dies or player can move in dark places but not where there is a light

help ?
how can i make in Gdevelop
that when the player is on colision with the enemy shadow he dies
and the same with the enemy
if the place is dark the play can move
and if there is a light he will die .

For your first question, make the shadow a separate sprite object with it’s own hit box.

For the second one, how do you make the light dark areas?

like imagin you are playing a platformer and there is a source of light in the scene
if the player is on colision with any source of light he dies
its like making a game where the player can move in dark areas
you get my point
( sorry if my english is bad )

I’d look at ray tracing from player to light source(s)? If there’s nothing in the way, then you’re in the light.

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